11th Hour Cleaning Soundtrack – Song List

11th Hour Cleaning Soundtrack List

Track Listing

1. The Drive 0:52
2. Consider Yourself Lucky 2:43
3. That’s Four (Ryan Richko and Wong Leong) 1:47
4. The Phone (Ryan Richko and Wong Leong) 1:15
5. Clean Up (Ryan Richko and Wong Leong) 0:44
6. It Won’t Let Me Leave (Ryan Richko and Nikhil Koparkar) 3:21
7. We’re Trapped in This House 5:54
8. She Was Only Six Months Old (Ryan Richko and Nikhil Koparkar) 2:44
9. Urban Explorers 7:44
10. Helm of Awe 5:40
11. It’s Not Really Him (Ryan Richko and Nikhil Koparkar) 1:44
12. Don’t Let Go (Ryan Richko and Carl Thomson) 2:52
13. We’ll Finish This 5:49
Total Album Time: 43:09

Soundtrack Information

11th Hour Cleaning

11th Hour Cleaning

Release Date: August 1, 2022

Format: Digital

Music From

  • 11th Hour Cleaning (2022)

Music By

  • Ryan Richko

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A team of crime scene cleaners experiences ghastly hallucinations and must confront their most personal regrets and fears when they are trapped at a recent murder site by an ancient Nordic demon hell-bent on driving them insane. As they uncover what truly happened to the murder victims, they must escape their own deaths by finding and destroying the Norse relics that give the demon its powers.

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