Chicken Nugget Soundtrack List

Korean Drama Chicken Nugget (Hangul: 닭강정) soundtrack list. Chicken Nugget (닭강정) OST, song, music list. Kdrama Chicken Nugget soundtrack.

Chicken Nugget Soundtrack

The drama will be released on March 15.


Choi Sun-Man, the owner of a small machine company, finds himself in a peculiar situation when a mysterious machine arrives at their office unexpectedly. Alongside his intern, Go Baek-Joong, they assume it’s a fatigue-relieving device sent by Ph.D. Choi, is scheduled for delivery the next day. Meanwhile, Choi Sun-Man’s daughter, Choi Min-A, drops by the office with some sweet and spicy fried chicken. Intrigued by the machine, she decides to give it a try for fatigue relief, only to transform into a piece of fried chicken unexpectedly. Now, Choi Sun-Man and Go Baek-Joong must navigate the challenge of restoring her to her human form.

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