Cutie Pie Soundtrack List

Soundtrack List

Episode 1

Intro/Overture – Asturiana Mining Company

Ski Trip to Mars – Magnofield

ไอ้คนน่ารัก (My Cutie Pie) [ost.นิ่งเฮียก็หาว่าซื่อ cutie pie series] – Nunew

The Show Goes to Mayberry – The Show with Blake

I Dreamt of a Car Commercial – Dan Roche

Baby Baby – Captain Qubz

Books of the New Testament – The Harrow Family

The Honorable Warrior – e.soundtrax

What We’ll Be – Simone Vitullo and Emanuele Esposito

First Light – Everything We’re Not

19:33 – Terrone

Raincoatman – Jonas Haefeli

Valentine – Raymond Bernard

Disco Accident – System Nipel

Episode 2

ไอ้คนน่ารัก (My Cutie Pie) [ost.นิ่งเฮียก็หาว่าซื่อ cutie pie series] – Nunew

เปลี่ยน – Kirin ( NuNew )

The Scarecrow – Avantasia

Train – niko von bronner

Baby Baby – Captain Qubz

December – Adrian Berenguer

Episode 3

ไอ้คนน่ารัก (My Cutie Pie) [Ost.นิ่งเฮียก็หาว่าซื่อ Cutie Pie Series] – Nunew

How You Feel (Ost.นิ่งเฮียก็หาว่าซื่อ Cutie Pie Series) – Nunew

Gotiya Ri Biyanji Faishondar – Sumer Sisodiya, Naveen Sen & Rekha Singh

The Rain – Brookii

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  1. I am trying to find the song during the last kiss in episode 7 @ 14:08 and at the end of the episode. In the live watching Nunew said it was his cover of p’ Ton’s song.

  2. I want to know the name of the song from P’Pin covered by Nunew in episode 7 in the last kissing scene 14:08 and the ending song.

  3. I’m still looking for the disco music from ep 5 (I bet it is some royalty free music because none of the music search apps pick it up..)

  4. Bonjour, je cherche une musique dans l’épisode 7 (3/4) quand il font les course.
    Aidez moi s’il vous plaît je suis désespérer.

  5. Does anyone know the original singer + song name of the P’Pin song covered by Nunew in episode 7 part 4 kissing scene?

  6. Does anyone know what song is in ep 7 part 2/4 the song that hia lian dance “na na na na” help me i really want to know..

  7. ok ive been looking for a while and I’m pretty sure the song we are all looking for just got released its called by yours by nunew

  8. I found the song “na na na na” but the real name of the song is “If you love” found in madee channel in YouTube.

  9. What is the song durngi sang by Nunew at the final episode during the proposal? It is a lovely song and it’s song likw folk love song? Can anyone share me the name of the song?


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