Kingdom: Legendary War All Performances


Channel: Mnet K-POP

EPISODE 1: Introduction Stage – 100 Seconds Performance

WAVE Overture – 에이티즈(ATEEZ)

Channel: Mnet K-POP

아름답고도 아프구나(Choir Ver.) – 비투비(BTOB)

Channel: Mnet K-POP

Good Guy lThe Gloryl – SF9

Channel: Mnet K-POP

MIROH – 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)

Channel: Mnet K-POP

The Stealer (Epic ver.) – 더보이즈(THE BOYZ)

Channel: Mnet K-POP

리듬 타 (RHYTHM TA) KINGDOM ver. – 아이콘(iKON)

Channel: Mnet K-POP
ArtistPerformance nameGlobal VotingRanking
Stray KidsMiroh690,9711st
The BoyzThe Stealer (Epic version)573,0262nd
BtoBBeautiful Pain (Choir version)540,6213rd
SF9Good Guy (The Glory)533,4584th
AteezWave: Overture504,2155th
iKonRhythm Ta (Kingdom version)489,9716th

ROUND 1: To The World (Episode 2 & 3)

No Air (A Song of Ice and Fire) – 더보이즈(THE BOYZ)

사랑을 했다+죽겠다 KINGDOM ver. – 아이콘(iKON)

그리워하다 (Theatre Ver.) – 비투비(BTOB)

自神 (스스로 ‘자’, 귀신 ‘신’) – 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)

Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland” – 에이티즈(ATEEZ)

Jealous(질렀어) – SF9(에스에프나인)

Round 2 – RE:BORN (Episodes 4 & 5)

The Stealer (The Scene) – SF9(에스에프나인)

오솔레미오 (The Red Wedding) – 더보이즈(THE BOYZ)

INCEPTION (iKON ver.) – 아이콘(iKON)

리듬 타 (The Awakening of Summer) – 에이티즈(ATEEZ)

Back Door – 비투비(BTOB)

기도 (I’ll Be Your Man) (Stray Kids Ver.) – 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)


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