Love Is Blind Season 5 Soundtrack List (Netflix 2023)

An original Netflix reality show Love Is Blind Season 5 soundtrack list. Love Is Blind Season Five complete ost, song, and music list.

Love Is Blind Season 5 Soundtrack

Episode 1

0:16 Fallen – Kendra Dantes

4:08 Feel Ya (Underscore) – NNDN & Scarlett Ann Skinner

8:53 Break the Sky – Katie Hargrove & Stevie Gold

11:48 Buena Onda – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Harold Alejandro Guerrero Echavarria

14:17 So God Damn Easy – 4TVmusic

19:30 We MAde It – Philio Peter Dudley Panton, Oliver Wilde & Tom Barnes

19:35 Because I Like It – MOA

26:23 Mext One -Ruby Jay

28:16 Here I Come – Mosh Party

28:45 Are You Ready for It – Krysta Youngs

32:28 Make It Ours – Full Circle

40:26 TACO TRUNK (oh, wtf?) – MUNNYCAT

Episode 2

Can You Hear That Fire – Katie Hargrove & Robert W. Lamond

I Refuse to Cry – Øthers

All You Need – Anthony Esperance

I’m Falling For You – Haley Shaw & Katie Hargrove

When I’m With You – LA Space Program & Aria

All or Nothing – Liz Hope

Stand up for Love – Cheyenne Jolene & Theodore Seidmon

Oo La La – The Mondays & LiTTiE

Wrecking Ball – Gazelle Hunter, Skye Emanuel, Drew Dvorsky, Jimmy Howland & Linasko Licks

Can We Live on Forever – James McLean

You Are the One – Aubrey Whitfield

Ok To Let Go – Bailey Jehl

Loyalty – Stevie Gold & Izzy Warner

Undo Me – ELKAE

Paradise – Henry Parsley & Sid Narbom

Episode 3

All I Want Is You – The Defenders

All I Think About Is You – Hysteria

I Got U – Flo

Green Light – PillowTok

I Wanna Love You – J-Swift

The Air You’re Breathing – Roland Bingaman

We Got What You Want – Nineoneon

Reckless – Evie Waters

Losing You – Bleeding Fingers

Love in the Cut – Nineoneone

Never Fade – SOZI

Perfect Timing – The Home Of Happy

Crossfire – Alex Komlew & Wanja Janeva

Episode 4

I Don’t Really Want This Anymore – Faith Richards

We’re Not Done Yet- Øthers

Hold You Closer – Ovrthro

Free to Be What We Want – Leif Van Cleef, Jonathan Palmer & Danny Fernleigh

Come to an End – Nik Ammar

Mixed Signals – Darius Coleman

One Last Breath – Martin Buster

Wild Heart – Katie Hargrove & Stevie Gold

Fall – Jamie Macneal & Adette

Before and After – Evie Waters

Moonlight – Alex Komlew & Wanja Janeve

Episode 5

Find My Way Home – Katie Hargrove & Sarah deCourcy

Paralysed by Fear – Susie Wilkins

Drive – Mollie La Beth & Krisztian Vass

Only One – Travie’s Nightmare

I’ll Stay With You – Heather Evans

Feel You in My Dreams – Sam Clines, DMNIQ & Marlo Wolf

Sea Salt – BINX

Piece of Your Sunshine – Holiday Rogers, Devin Hoffman, Figero Scripp & Miles Quimby

They Love You – Extreme Music

Heart Beats for U – Fenyx Roes

You and Me – Inside Cuts

Got That – King Cooley & DopeNorTeria

Let’s Chase the Sun – Mia Mormino & Karapet R. Moralyan

Reach out for the Sky – LIBERATI

The way That You Are – Nik Ammar, Mike Reed & Marla Altschuler

Like You’re Mine – Holiday Rogers, Devin Hoffman & Sesame Cashew

To Love You – Prong Praison

To See the Point – Groove Machine Ltd & Dolly Mavies

Secret Lover – Stevie Gold & Katie Hargrove

The Conozco (Instrumental) – NNDN & Sean-Patrick Walsh

All Eyes On Me – Joy Charity Enriquez [

Tu y Yo (feat. J.P. Castillo) – Jhay C

Closer – Edward-Nathanael Pop, Rasmus Viberg, Buck Snow, Taylor, Brad Parsons & Andrew Murray

Episode 6

Fire Like Us – Richard Macklin, Sebastian Truman & Eloise Weeks


Yes I Can (feat. Anna Pancaldi) – Empyrean Fields

Maybe – Alt-Life Music

All That I Need – SHIPS & Adam Janota Bzowski

All the Things You Are – Yazmyn Hendrix

Better Together – Olivier Bibeau

Give Me a Minute – Christina Munsey

Thinking Of Me – Roland Bingaman

In Balance – Full Circle

All That We Are (feat. Nadeem Daya) – Lydia Kaye

Live My Life – hellohello

Here We Come – Extreme Music

You and Me – Inside Cuts

Never Give Up the Fight – Choppersaurus

Chasing Stars – Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer

A Bloom – Full Circle

Win This War – Moana A & Koda Kids

Episode 7

Deep End – BMG Production Music UK

Love Is Blind – Nate Smith

Champagne Riot – Julian De Vizio

Burnt It All Down – Roet

Loyalty – Stevie Gold & Izzy Warner

Episode 8

Not Broken – Rubert Pope & Giles Palmer

Victim – Cami Galles

Don’t Play With Fire – Jake Warren

There Will Be Fire – Boris Nonte & Vanessa Campagna

I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends – ELKAE

Kill Switch – Liam Geddes & Megan O’Neill

Break My Own Heart – Haroula Rose

The Road – Lydia Ainsworth

Praying – Full Circle

I Choose You – Forest Blakk

Woo Hoo – Olivier Bibeau, Kali J & Scott Dudley

Give Me Mercy (Alternative Version) – Isaac Tyler

Everything I Want – Jonathan Dujoncquoy & Valery Pellegrini

Put ‘Em Up – The EvеrLove

Episode 9

All We Need is Love – Wolfgang Black

Glass Hearts – Toby Horton, Lana McDonagh & The Home Of Happy

Make It Ours – Full Circle

Be Alright – Worldwide Groove Corporation & Anna Graceman

Gonna Be the Best Day – TS Gauntlett, Marti Amado & Gregg A. Allen

I Do Too – Rupert Pope, John Robertson & Eller

Ready To Love You – The Home Of Happy, Penguin Asylum, Adriana Stone, Niamh Quinn & Janet Grogan

We’re Alive – Martin Bak & Jacob Diab

Stay Strong – Young Charlie

Lucky To Love You – Brynn Cartelli

For the Weekend – GREYLLE

Uncover (Dox Unofficial Remix) [Zara Larsson] – Dox

Be Careful What You Wish For – Nineoneone

Episode 10

The Rest of My Life – Positive Spin Songs

Episode 11

Turn up the Heat – Juliet Roberts

Prove It – Wild Dove

Stand up for Love – Cheyenne Jolene & Theodore Seidmon


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