MerPeople Soundtrack List (Netflix 2023)

An original Netflix documentary series MerPeople Season 1 soundtrack list. MerPeople Season 1 soundtrack list (2023). MerPeople Season 1 all episode songs. MerPeople soundtrack, song, and music list.


Deep in the Water – Stevie Gold

Episode 1

Black Sea – Natasha Blume

Chica Mexica – Andrea Litkei, Paulin Leon Bergoin, Aurelien & Otto Toldi

I Tried Not To Cry – C Levitan

Gots the Tweed Shakes – Deep East Music

Am I Dreaming – 28 Gold

Striking Concept – Phillip Jewson & Paul Cartledge

Episode 2

Surreptitious Voices – Marc Durst

Black Sea – Natasha Blume

Batuccada Percussions – Claire Guillot

Only Me In Sight (feat. Lauren Evans) – 5 Alarm

Can’t Stop Us Rise – Nicholas William Evans

Episode 3

Black Sea – Natasha Blume

Fluorescent – Rusell Chimes

Funk and Strut – Robert W.Lamond

Clear Path – Joe McGuire

Shake, Shake, Shake (Ft. Ko the Legend) – Photronique


Before I’m Dust and Bone – Dept. X

Episode 4

Black Sea – Natasha Blume

Quite a Style – Morgan Sansous

Are We In A Dream – Black Red Gold & Greg Critchley

Live Forever – Robbie Nevil

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