Pact of Silence Soundtrack List (Netflix 2023)

An original Netflix series Pact of Silence (original title: Pacto De Silencio) soundtrack list. Pact of Silence Season 1 complete ost, song, and music list.

Pact of Silence Soundtrack

Episode 1

4:22 My Destiny – Tom Griffiths, Mark Nervy & Alex Nova

11:00 Get Sweeter – Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley & Remy

12:03 Desire – Tobi Bob Snoid, Felicitas & Rebecca Felicitas Josephina Kreyenberg

26:46 Country Party – Mark Allan

30:30 It Comes To This – TMS Underscores

Episode 2

00:25 Symmetry of the Cemetery – Tombstone Three

10:15 Countdown to the weekend

16:24 Here’s to Us – Richard Macklin, Eloise Weeks & Sebastian Truman


38:20 Cancion De Creditos Finales – Pacto de Silencio

Episode 3

12:40 All Alone – David O’Dowda

20:44 Eres tu – Breekay & MSCMKRS

22:47 It’a Woman’s World – Feels Like

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