Reginald the Vampire Soundtrack List

Reginald the Vampire

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Reginald lives a life of dreams deferred. One night he meets a stranger named Maurice, who decides to help Reginald achieve what he wants. However, Reginald is killed by Maurice’s enemies and the only way to “save” him is to make Reginald a vampire. Now, Reginald must learn how to survive his new and impossible lifestyle, which means keeping his nature a secret from everyone he knows. Along the way, Reginald manages more than just survival. He discovers untapped abilities inside himself, and he becomes a far better man than he used to be. Reginald becomes a better man as a vampire, but some powerful vampires want him dead.


Harley Peyton


Jacob Batalon,

Mandela Van Peebles,

Em Haine

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