SUGA: Road to D-Day Song List (Disney+ 2023)

An original Disney+ documentary SUGA: Road to D Day soundtrack list. 2023 SUGA: Road to D-Day song list. SUGA: Road to D-Day soundtrack, song, and music list. BTS Member Min Yoongi’s Disney+ documentary SUGA: Road to D-Day songs. SUGA: Road to D-Day playing songs can be found in this list. Have fun ARMY!!

Songs that play in SUGA: Road to D Day

0:41 So Far Away (feat. SURAN) – Agust D

1:37 D-Day – Agust D

5:51 Polar Night – Agust D

9:21 Kult – Steve Aoki, grandson & Jasiah

11:44 Daechwita – Agust D

15:37 SDL – Agust D

17:23 Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

20:33 Love Is Love – The Blackbyrds

21:56 Moonlight – Agust D

22:57 Give It To Me – Agust D

25:00 Life Goes On – Agust D

29:04 Amygdala – Agust D

31:30 Amygdala – Agust D

36:02 Haegeum – Agust D

38:09 People – Agust D


Suga (rapper)

  • Real name: Min Yoon-gi
  • Born: March 9, 1993 (age 30) Daegu, South Korea
  • Also known as: Agust D
  • Hangul: 민윤기
  • Member of BTS

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