The Signal Soundtrack List (Netflix 2024)

The Signal soundtrack list. An original Netflix series, The Signal: The complete list of all songs featured in the series. The Signal Season 1 complete OST list.

The Signal Soundtrack

Netflix series The Signal Season 1 soundtracks.

  • My Surreality by Philipp Steinke & Tobias Kuhn
  • Fly Me To The Moon by Julie London


Paula, portrayed by Peri Baumeister, returns to Earth after months in orbit, but her anticipated reunion with her family takes a tragic turn when she mysteriously disappears during her short flight home. Left to grapple with the devastating reality, Sven, played by Florian David Fitz, desperately clings to hope while unraveling a cryptic puzzle left behind by Paula. However, as he delves deeper into the enigma, Sven’s life unravels, and he uncovers a startling revelation tied to Paula’s time aboard the International Space Station, leading to unforeseen consequences for himself, his daughter Charlie, and the world at large.

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