The Terminal List Soundtrack – All Episodes Amazon Prime Series

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The Terminal List Soundtrack

Episode 1

Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company

Shinedown – Simple Man

Episode 2

Mississippi Twilight – Trigger

Siege of Rhodes – Soul Drifts Away

Black Sabbath – War Pigs/Luke’s Wall

Episode 3

Fox Sinclair – Soft

The Diamonds – Little Darlin’

Episode 4

Bob Dylan – Masters of War (SherGun Remix)

Episode 5

Not find any song

Episode 6

The White Buffalo – The Whistler

Episode 7

Ladada – Wait I Am

Episode 8

The Genies – First Time

Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight

Guy Mitchell – Heartaches by the Number

Unknown Artist – You Never Gonna Watch Me Die

Navy SEAL Commander James Reece turns to vengeance as he investigates the mysterious forces behind the murder of his entire platoon. Free from the military’s command structure, Reece applies the lessons he’s learned from nearly two decades of warfare to hunt down the people responsible.


Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, LaMonica Garrett

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