Young Guns Soundtrack – Complete Song List

Young Guns soundtrack complete song list of movie. All scenes music playlist is here. Soundtrack to Young Guns by Brian Banks Anthony Marinelli & Alan Silvestri.

Young Guns Soundtrack

1.Main Title 3:45
2.Splendid Reading 0:37
3.The Confrontation 2:09
4.The Watch 1:03
5.Tunstall’s Death 1:00
6.Howdy 4:08
7.Poet with a Big Gun 1:02
8.McCloskey’s Death 1:28
9.Pass the Peyote Please 2:00
10.Dick’s Death 1:38
11.Top O’ the Morning Girls 1:16
12.Turn in Your Badges 1:32
13.Kinney Chase 1:47
14.The Campfire 1:12
15.Bring in the Troops 3:10
16.Crazy Charlie 1:07
17.The Shootout 3:03
18.Pals 1:25
19.End Credits 4:14
20.Coda (Poet Reprise) 0:55

Young Guns II Soundtrack List

2.Small Hands03:05
3.Lynch Mob04:12
4.Finish The Game02:51
5.Yoo Hoo02:44
6.Devil’s Deal01:27
7.More Than Hello02:35
8.Tom Sees The Light01:31
9.Coy Dog02:39
10.Ride To Guano City01:09
12.Little Tom Dies06:49
13.Garrett’s Place01:10
14.Chavez’s Wound03:03
15.You Gonna Shoot?03:34
16.Stolen Horse (Finale)01:20

A group of young gunmen, led by Billy the Kid, become deputies to avenge the murder of the rancher who became their benefactor. But when Billy takes their authority too far, they become the hunted. IMDB.

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